"Nasty Facts" LP Demos

by Clean Stains



Artwork and All Songs Written, Recorded, and Performed by Slipper Grass.

Recorded October 2015 in Western Massachusetts.

All guitars are a 1967 Hagstrom 12 String.

Vocals recorded in my car while driving around a rotary.

Pounding Baked Til Never Fried.

This is a lo-fi recording. Sounds sick through headphones. Sounds sick played loud through good speakers. Sounds terrible any other way.


released June 17, 2017

"Too many people work on parts of things. Doing a job to completion satisfies me." -Dick Proenneke



all rights reserved


Tampered Reels Northampton, Massachusetts

Tampered Reels is a label based in Western Massachusetts. All releases feature the solo or collaborative recordings of Slipper Grass.

Direct inquiries to marpaucan@gmail.com

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Track Name: Overture
Track Name: Nasty Fact
It's a nasty fact
Gotta destroy everything that's still intact

Panic attack
What can I do?
My nerves are starting to crack

Creeping in my head and all inside of me
Track Name: Sick Of Talkin
What's the point of talk?
Without it, I wouldn't have to teach my jacket to crawl

Vacuum set alarm
Thoughts deny the tongue
No signal at all

And it bores me half to death
to see those typical reactions

Vanity holds your hand through languish
Unless it's casting spell,
A phrase out of phase

Feeling sick for all the talking
Shivering gas explains nothing at all

It bores me half to death, now
to see those typical reactions
Track Name: Faces
Getting kind of used to this adrenaline rush,
I'm getting bored
Gotta find new ways to have fun
I'm feeling sore

Marble's starting to fade
Been plagued by a sick schedule never seeing the sun
Ever-wary of the patrol
I'm wearing out of always feeling on the run

Now my health's getting poor
I don't sleep anymore

I don't want to be faces like yours
Don't want to be faces likes yours
I've been in tight spaces before

I don't want to be faceless in a morgue
Don't want to have bars cross my door
I've been in tight spaces before
Track Name: Get Robbed
Stacked my mind against what I've got left
There's nothing there to protect
It's got a right to get robbed

The door's are open and you can take what you want

Never cared to know what happened next
Peered inside and I'm hexed
It's just a lot to weigh on

The doors are closing and someone's changing the locks
Track Name: After Two
I've got a feeling there's nothing left
to be gained by honest means
I've taken theft

I've got my eyes upon more than what I'm really due
Whatever I can't grow back I'm gonna have to steal from you

Taken down a bad, bad road

My trusting pieces crippled by abuse
My loving organs shriveled up from lack of use
Been lately lie to myself about, what, is it true?
You know your mind's dated and out when you lose count after two

Taken down a bad, bad road
Faking all I ever knowed
Track Name: Lonesome Trail
The pastor asked me,
"Do you know when you'll be crucified?"
The answer was "yes," but I averted my eyes
Cuz how could I explain what I know?
They'll think I'm going off the rails again
My time's on loan
So it's time I choose which way I'll fail
Cuz I can only lose on this lonesome trail

I know the plane goes down
Just don't know where
So I aint hanging around unless it's in the air
Cuz now the paranoia's setting in and
I'm starting to feel like I'm going off the rails again
And there's no repeal
So I guess I'll choose which way I'll fail
Cuz I can only lose on this lonesome trail
Track Name: Beneath The Door
All the doors are off the stalls
It's a goldmine
These tele's cover the walls
No it's not just proof

So don't hang up
Buy the door now
I been hangin' on the line
Don't know how to tell em
That it's only there for you
but it's sold out

Scrapped the taps
Been kept under wraps
While all you've dug
There's tele's cover the walls
Jealous not just yet

So don't hang up
Buy the door now
I've been hanging on the line
Don't know what to tell em
Is the only answer left "yes?"
Track Name: Trip Wire
So fragile
So helpless
Has turned you into a vegetable

Step out of line before it turns into a trip wire
Commit your crimes before you burn
And get yourself committed

And so what?
You can't help it
It's hard to walk away
When your shoes are laced with land mines

Step out of line before it turns into a trip wire
Commit your crimes before you’re burned
And get yourself committed
Track Name: Can't Motivate
The trash is piling up against the door and I can't get through

It's building up and I'm breaking down
Can't motivate
I'm bumming out

The mold is overpowering my head
Oh, what to do?

It's building up and I'm breaking down
Can't motivate
I'm bumming out
Track Name: Outta Line
Been pushed too hard
Can't get a grip

Been cast out
Cast too far
Outta line
Aint cuttin' slack
Track Name: Getting Younger
Been getting younger
Cant tell if downer’s looking up
So I keep hopping fences
Just didn’t notice a gate that wasn’t shut

The barbs are kinda rough
But it’s helping shake the time

My brain is foggy
Been living in a jukebox full of fumes
So I keep striking matches
Just waiting for the one that’s gonna boom

And I hope it happens soon
Cuz I’m running out of gas
Track Name: Highways End
I asked Eisenhower to tell me where it is that this road is done
He said, "That's classified, you'll have to get a map from Area 51."
There I knocked on the door and Chuck Jones answered,
but he just painted me curtain set to stun
So I'm still wondering where it is,
This brick wall at the highways end

DeMilo's blocking the exit sticking out a rare sore thumb
But she's just waiting for Enola Gay to come back from
the highways end
Track Name: Overdose
My door is only open because it's off the hinge
It's hard to get repairs when you're living on the fringe
Not interested in those long-term kills
Already dying a slow one
I want immediate results
Come on and give me a quick one
I want an overdose

Never thought it'd be myself I see when I cringe
All my vile makings packed into a syringe
Not interested in the buzz buzz buzz
Ready-state already fried
I wanna instantly nuts
Disappear, not just hide
I want an overdose