Lillian Marcy

by Lillian Marcy

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All songs written, recorded, and performed by Slipper Grass.

Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 4 track cassette recorder in a bedroom at 58 Linden Street, Pittsfield, MA on many dates throughout 2007. Original cassette limited to 15 copies. My first time doing vocals for anything. This is not the real cover art, I dont have a scan at the moment.


released September 21, 2007

Lily is a Gibson Sonex, which is featured on all tracks. A Boss DR-670 drum machine is also featured on all tracks. Just a buncha random shit!



all rights reserved


Tampered Reels Northampton, Massachusetts

Tampered Reels is a label based in Western Massachusetts. All releases feature the solo or collaborative recordings of Slipper Grass.

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Track Name: Physics..., Unified
Saw the head of a flower ripped from its stem
A building condemned
I found some of your hair on the floor

There's something really familiar
Was I just remembering a dream?

A tire deflate
The warning too late
I saw your thumbprint on the handle of the door

There's something really familiar
Was I just remembering a dream?
Was it only just a memory

Saw the clock's hands come to a halt
Watched the door close on the vault
I found a sample of your handwriting in the drawer

There's something really familiar
Was it only ever just a memory?
Or a dream
Track Name: Quell (Quash)
Now that I've stopped to care I'm kinda bummed
I had bigger plans for my death than just what comes
Hit by a bus never appealed to my taste
An end out of my hands a total waste
I wanted to make it public
I wanted to make it sick

I was headed for home
When I felt foreboding give chase
I hastened my step, or, quickened my pace
I bent to pick it up but found it was gone
I guess I'll just have to introduce myself from now on

I tripped
And the pavement stripped from my face
The distinguishing features
Of a man who just lost the race
It's lost
Track Name: Track Rabbit
All of the city looms
Well enough over my head to keep me scared
I feel safe on the bus most times
Most times
I feel like every person, car, and building
flashing past us in the window
Gets sucked up behind us in the draft
And chases me home

The clouds are moving a hell of a lot faster than I am
Sun screams out of little open patches now
And then delicately muted by the next passing layer
The wind almost blew me clear off my head
Track Name: Ballet Flats
Track Name: Snake Incense
Track Name: Halcyon
I want to uncage the sun
But when the deed is done
Will I find that it cant be bothered to glow?

Keep striking matches to pioneer the dark
But they just sizzle and snuff at the mention of a spark
I know the bird must journey from a far off land
By the time it's perched on my halo will I have the strength to stand?

I want to bury a bone
But when the seed is sown
Will I find that it cant be bothered to grow?
Track Name: Death Gave Me Up As A Bad Job Blues
Once I've summoned the reaper
How long will it take him to arrive?

I waited on the corner
My feet in the designated spot
But when I called death to my service
He gave me up as a bad job
He said, "Kid, you aint worth my time."
Track Name: Flummox Baister
Track Name: Honey Apple Pancakes
Track Name: Dissolved

My eyelids turn down
The voice of the current fades
I'm lulled into dreams by the song of the waves

I'm crashing into the shore
My body is the coast and I want nothing more

It's solved